Daring greatly


We have one of the most exciting opportunities of out time.

It’s the year 2118, 100 years on from when we officially launched this mission, and collectively, we’ve done it. Its the dawn of a new age.

We live in a beautiful kingdom where every single one of us feels empowered to speak up about whatever struggles and suffering may be going on underneath.

We live in a beautiful kingdom with a zero suicide culture.

We live in a beautiful kingdom filled with love and hope and empathy and compassion and optimism and shared purpose and knowing that all 66.6 million of us (perhaps a few more by this time) have connected through our vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

We’re stronger than ever.

We’re already showing future generations how it’s done.

We’re already showing the rest of the world how it’s done.

We’re trailblazers.

And something tells us, we’re still only just getting warmed up!