Our story

The masters of our fate


Our story is just like yours.

Our story includes a little struggle, a little pain, a little adversity, plenty of hope, tons of quiet courage and a beating heart full of pride from having done the things we know we needed to do to get ourselves to where we are today. And what a beautiful today it is.

In 2012, after 6 months of ignoring the warning signs, Dan experienced a full-scale manic episode which saw him stood in the middle of major motorway Italy at rush hour as a demonstration to show the world how to ‘slow down and follow our hearts’ - which at the time was his answer to ease the vast majority of the suffering going on around the world. This was not the way to deliver a message!

He believed he was ‘the chosen one’. By definition, he had lost his sanity.

Dan was fast-tracked to psychiatric wards, pumped full of drugs to bring his mental-state back down to earth, escorted back to the UK and shortly after received the clear diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. And it was during the crippling and debilitating 6 months that followed which left Dan wanting to take his own life (you go that high you’re going to come down with a heavy bang right).

Thankfully he didn’t.

With the help of the powerful support network he had around him (his Dream Team), coupled with medication and talking therapy, Dan began his long yet progressive journey back to the place you find him in today - a journey which included stripping life back to the bare essentials, clearing away life’s excess and focusing his time, energy & focus on what really matters most: his health (above all else), his relationships, passions, personal growth and being in service to other people.

This new lifestyle approach started paying off, so much so that others started finding real value in hearing Dan’s story and what was working for him, with Dan himself soon realising the power of sharing his story publicly.

On each occasion (whether with friends, family or on a growing number of public platforms) Dan witnessed 3 powerful observations: 1) He felt much lighter in himself, 2) he started building an even greater support network around him, and 3) almost every single person he spoke to started sharing their experiences and struggles with him, reaffirming his life-long belief that every single one of us is suffering with something, no matter who we are, where we come from or our personal circumstances.

Fast-forward a few years and Dan knew he had to create a large-scale platform of his own, to share his story and bring this 5 year chapter full-circle as a huge celebration of overcoming adversity together will all the people around him.

And what better platform to create than by returning to country where he had his manic episode (Italy) but this time running (solo & self-supported) 1250 miles from the Colosseum in Rome back to the London Eye!

He did it. Over 65 life-affirming days between August and October 2017, he did it, with every one of his daily videos from Rome To Home live on YouTube right here. Enjoy!

Dan finishes the adventure, now with more people than ever before getting in touch, sharing their stories, opening up, feeling lighter, building their own support networks and calling on Dan to share his story on more public stages.

Inevitably, the next chapter in Dan’s story would begin, to take his message, misison and beliefs far beyond his own personal story and network and now on to a national level. And so, on Sunday 28th October 2018, exactly one year on from completing Rome To Home…

#AREWEOKUK was born - a social-impact business to empower the UK to speak up when we’re suffering so that together we can show future generations how it’s done.

We can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next!