Our Values

If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything


We speak directly to the hearts and minds of those who are suffering.

We give hope.

We provide options.

We bring light.

We’re generous with our time and resources.

We’re obsessively simple.

We look people in the eye.

We give our undivided attention.

We stay true to ourselves and our shared vision.

We don’t waste people’s time.

We never overstay our welcome.

We value our story.

We value everyone’s story.

We help others believe what we believe.

We surround ourselves with people who believe what we believe.

We help others who believe what we believe to share what we believe.

We accept that a small percentage of people won’t believe what we believe. They’ll get there.

We’re not in competition with anyone, we’re the opposite.

We stay true to ourselves.

We’ll say the things that need to be said when they need to be said.

We see the good in everyone. Everyone.

We see the potential for greatness in everyone. Everyone.

We forgive. We always forgive.

We’re authentic.

We’re relentlessly passionate.

We’re not trying to be the best at what we do, just a better version of ourselves than the day before.

We are brave.

We are bold.

We listen. We really listen.

We want to be known for giving everything to our cause, for leaving nothing on the field.

We ask the questions that need to be asked.

We don’t mind being called crazy. We’d rather be known for being 100% crazy than 1% predictable.

We only promote or endorse products or services we genuinely believe will add value to the lives of those we’re here to serve.

We add value, crazy amounts of value.

We inspire, to the best of our ability, we inspire.

We’re in our own lane.

We focus not on our fears, but our potential.

We always as ‘what if’.

We treat everyone with respect.

We know that everyone is suffering with something, but we’ll never truly know all the intricacies of everyones individual journey.

We know and promote the fact that we’re all in this together.

We believe in a truly United Kingdom.

We’ve have 100% faith that we can create the most empathetic, optimistic and healthiest nation on the planet.

We know it’s through our struggles and suffering which binds us together.

We promote the power of vulnerability.

We look after ourselves first, knowing that if we’re not in great shape ourselves then we’re no good to anybody.

We rest when we need to rest.

We focus 99% of our time, energy and focus on the solution and only 1% on the problem (knowing that by doing so we’re giving 100% to tackling the issue). We’re 100% clear on this.

We know we’re not going to be able to help everyone across the UK. In fact **** that, we’ve got to believe we can!

We want you with us every step of the way.