Our Vision

A United Kingdom


If you’re reading these words, I want you to know that I love you, I see you, and whatever you’re going through right now, I’m with you. We all are.

I say this because it’s my heartfelt belief that every single one of us - no matter our current situation - is suffering with something, which also presents one of the most exciting opportunities of our time. Let me explain.

Knowing that we’re all suffering with something and seeing how we’re collectively waking up to this fact as a society, means we’re now stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the start of an amazing shared journey - one which isn’t going to be easy but is guaranteed to lead to the most beautiful destination.

We’re packed, we’re ready & prepared to take out first steps towards taking on the monumental challenge of changing the culture of silence across the UK and leading the way to a different world - a world, which I believe with every atom of my being we can create, where all 66.6 million people across our beautiful kingdom has the courage, support and safe space to speak up when we’re suffering so that together we can show future generations how it’s done. And when that sun rises, when we reach that horizon together, that’s when can all truly take a moment of silence to appreciate the journey what we’ve been on together.

So what are we exactly?

#AREWEOKUK is a social-impact business, which means when our business thrives, society thrives.

We’re also much more than that. We’re a social movement, an ideal, a conversation, a dream, we’re a brand not driven by ‘what’ we do, but rather ‘why’ we do it.

Our ‘Why’ is to empower the UK to speak up when we’re suffering so that together we can show future generations how it’s done.

‘How’ we do this is by (to the very best of our ability) inspiring the UK to speak up when we’re suffering, and connecting those who are suffering with the ever-growing number of professionals, products and services who can tangibly help all of us to speak up when we’re suffering. You got it?

‘What’ we do is the exciting part. Right now we talk, we listen, we create and we collaborate. We can’t be any more specific than that I’m afraid as we wouldn’t want to ruin all the surprises now would we!

What I can tell you is that right now we’re give game-changing talks to any audience who will listen. We’ve got a Podcast ready to launch. We’ve even got an #AREWEOKUK playlist live on spotify - you’ll love it!

So you get it right? As long as we stay true to our ‘Why’ and work with all corners of society to further our cause, we can’t go wrong, and holy **** I’m excited to see where this journey take us, together.

Oh and one last thing:

If Elon Musk can dream of inhabiting Mars, this world we’re trying to create here in the UK should be a no brainer.

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Dan Keeley
Founder & Creator