we collaborate

If we want to go far, we go together


Collaborating means everything to us.

If we’re ever going to reach this beautiful horizon we all believe in - one where all 66.6 million people across the UK feel they have the courage, support and safe space to speak up when we’re suffering - we’ve got to work together. There is no other way.

Our collaborations started way before we officially launched in October 2018. Our collaborations started when our Founder & Creator Dan was forced to accept professional counseling when he was in a critical state back in 2012 - the support which would pave the way to him speaking openly about his experiences.

Since then, our collaborations have grown to working with festivals, schools, the NHS, media platforms, healthcare organisations, corporate partners and more.

If we’re not collaborating, what are we doing? We’re competing. And given the size of the challenge we’re facing, that’s not going to work.

We’re not exclusive to anyone and never will be. We’re the voice that says if you’re providing a product or service that tangibly helps someone suffering to speak up about whatever they may be suffering with, then we’ll applaud you, we’re celebrate you, we’ll promote you and we’re ready to work with you.