We talk

From the bottom of our hearts, every single time


Speaking is and always will be at the heart of what we do here at #AREWEOKUK.

We’ve spoken at festivals, conferences, workplaces, schools, social enterprises, you name it.

We love connecting with you and your audience face-to-face. We love that our words can play their part to offer hope and optimism for the future and ease some of the unnecessary and seemingly increasing suffering going across the UK. And we love the free hugs which follow most of the talks we give.

We speak to as many diverse audiences as we possibly can – large or small, male or female, young or old, it doesn’t matter. As long as there’s a chance your audience will find value in our words, then we’re up for it!

Typically we speak on topics relating to mental well-being. Typically we’re asked to share our stories, what works for us, what we think will work for you and your team and how we’ve channeled our energy & lived experiences towards hugely positive outcomes and being one of the most passionate social enterprises of our time. We mean it.

Alongside the mental health stuff, we happily speak about personal growth and cultivating a passion or cause you believe in which sets your soul on fire and leaves this world in a better place than the one we were born in to.

And so often, regardless of what topics we cover, we do our best to remind our audience that when writing the story of our lives, we’re the one’s who ultimately hold the pen.

Sometimes there’s a fee involved, sometimes we speak for free. It depends on the nature of the talk and a few other factors.

To discuss booking us for a talk or if there’s anything we haven’t answered, please do get in touch.

Oh, and if we can guarantee anything, it’s that we put our heart and soul in to every talk we give, we leave every audience more uplifted than before we opened our mouths and we will pride ourselves on never wasting a second of your time. We’re obsessive about this and don’t just take our word for it. Time is the most valuable resource we have.